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Portrait Photographer // Pure Barre Mills


There is a new group of ladies in town!  Exciting news for the Mills and Ivanhoe area of Orlando…Pure Barre has opened a second location on the corner of Mills and Virginia Drive!   This past weekend marked the GRAND OPENING of the studio, so the doors are now open to the public.  Jordan will be leading this team of women who are teaching the classes.  The whole group is just as awesome as the girls down at Dr. Phillips.  They certainly know how to pick a great team.  If you have never experience a Pure Barre class, I encourage you to do so.  The classes have a minimalistic feel with maximum results.  They have great techniques to target various muscle groups and the instructors are wonderful at guiding you through the exercises.  Click here for the link to the website for more information on Pure Barre and details on classes offered.

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Portrait Photographer // Our Trip to North Carolina


This summer has been flying by so quickly. It is odd how the days seem to go slow, but the weeks are so fast. My kids are in a summer camp 3 days a week for 5 hours, but with commute time, it leaves me with just under 4 hours to get work done. It has made summer a bit of a challenge, but we have still been able to enjoy our days and manage balancing life and work – albeit there are far fewer blog entries this summer!

Recently we had the opportunity to slow down a bit and head up to the mountains of North Carolina. My in-laws have a place at the top of the mountain in a very small town in NW North Carolina. We go every summer and it is one of our favorite places to visit. Everything is just a bit slower up there. We hike, garden, eat good home cooked meals, visit with loved ones, golf, and this year we even had the chance to go white water rafting and horseback riding! The kids LOVE going up to the mountains as well. The outdoors suites them well and there is always a new adventure awaiting them. Plus, you can’t beat the view from the front porch (see picture above).

This post is a little different than my typical ones for 2 reasons, 1 – it is personal and 2 – it is super picture heavy. But since I have been slower about other postings this summer, I figured, what the heck 😉 I hope you enjoy!


At Grandma & Grandpa’s


Hiking & Blackberry Picking


Swim Time


Horesback Riding

jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_020 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_021 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_022x jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_023jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_024 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_025 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_026jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_028jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_027 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_029 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_030 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_031 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_032 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_033 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_034 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_035 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_037 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_038 jess_regan_photography_north_carolina_vacation_family_portaits_039

And lastly, here is a picture Ellie took of Brodie.  She has had such an interest in playing with my cameras – she wants to be just like mommy.  I indulge her when I can and I am often impressed with what she is able to capture.


I hope you enjoyed all the images.  It was a nice break from reality, but now…I have to go entertain two little kid!  Camp is over 🙁

Portrait Photographer // Madison’s UCF Graduation


To celebrate Madison’s graduation from the Physical Therapy Doctoral Program at the University of Central Florida, Madison’s grandmother gave her the gift of a portrait session.  There were a few different objectives for the session.  First, we needed to capture a headshot for Madison as she wanted to make sure to have a strong profile picture for her LinkedIn account as she updated her profile with her new credentials.  Secondly, we wanted to capture some beautiful family portraits of the foursome, which we were able to achieve both indoors, highlighting the beautiful home decor, and outdoors with their lush greenery as a backdrop.  And lastly, it was a must to get a portrait of the graduate in her white coat with her diploma.  As a bonus, the gorgeous cake was delivered during the session, so I was able to photograph Madison’s awesomely unique graduation cake as well.  It was a wonderful experience getting to know Madison and her family and I offer my sincere congratulations on her hard work and dedication!  It has certainly paid off 🙂

jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_002jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_003jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_004 jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_005 jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_006 jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_007 jess_regan_photography_ucf_graduation_portraits_family_portraits_008

Portrait Photographer // Pure Barre Dr. Phillips


I had the pleasure of working with Lisa earlier this year as she got ready for the grand opening of the new Pure Barre studio in Dr. Phillips.  And finally this weekend she was able to celebrate the GRAND OPENING of the studio.

I got to join these beautiful ladies for a sneak peak of the studio and portrait session last week.  Let me just tell – you the place is gorgeous!  It is so beautifully designed yet simple and pleasing to the eye.  The entire team of girls are awesome and super friendly.  I keep finding the desire to say “don’t let the pants fool you…”, but these girls are fierce!  Seriously!  I think the leopard print is quite fitting 😉

On Sunday I joined them again for my very first Pure Barre class.  As someone who considers herself very active and who participates in a lot of physical activity (running, strength training, etc.) I was shocked to see how many muscle groups the barre workout hit that other workouts do not.  This was one of the toughest workouts I have been to!  That said – you work as hard as you can and can easily moderate the workout to fit your physical needs.  The instructors are awesome.  They give guidance and feedback personally without letting others in the class know you have not completely nailed a pose.  I think I was “quietly” corrected half a dozen times…lol.

The studio itself is designed well.  The colors and lighting create a soothing environment, while the mirrored walls allow you to see your form as compared with the instructor’s.  The music was great and kept you energized the entire time.  I left perfectly fatigued and ready to feel the burn the next day.  And I did.  I love the next day burn and it just reminded me how hard I worked.  I can definitely see this workout as a complete body changer.  I look forward to making it out there again sometime soon!

If you are down in the Dr. Phillips area, I highly recommend you checking the studio out.  Click here for the link to the website for more details on classes offered.


jess_regan_photography_2014_pure_barre_headshot_session_002 jess_regan_photography_2014_pure_barre_headshot_session_003jess_regan_photography_2014_pure_barre_headshot_session_005 jess_regan_photography_2014_pure_barre_headshot_session_004

Photographer // Corey and Taylor Wedding // Part II

Last week I posted Part I of Corey and Taylor’s wedding, highlighting the Pre-ceremony activities as they got ready for the big day!  Today I present Part II, which includes a snapshot of their ceremony, formal portraits, and reception.  The ceremony and reception both took place at the beautiful Alaqua Country Club in Longwood, Florida.  As often occurs in Florida, the rain threatened most of the day and decided to join the party during formal portraits, but we got a bit lucky with a quick reprieve which left us just enough time to capture what we needed – as long as we didn’t go onto the water logged greens.  The mixture of the rain and heat caused a beautiful mist across the golf course though, which gave almost a mystic look.  It definitely added to the ambience of the luxurious venue.  And there was no getting this couple down – the only thing that mattered that night was that they were married!  Plus, rain on a wedding day is good luck!  I hope you enjoy an overview of  their wedding.  Congratulations again to Corey and Taylor.  I wish you life long happiness, boundless smiles, endless laughing, and the patience and understanding to get through a lifetime of love.


orlando portrait photographer orlando portrait photographer orlando portrait photographer orlando portrait photographer orlando portrait photographer


jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_024 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_025


jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_026 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_027 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_028 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_029 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_030 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_031 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_032 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_033 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_034




jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_036 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_037 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_038 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_039 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_040


jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_041 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_042 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_043