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Photographer // Corey and Taylor Wedding // Part I


I honestly believe that not much in life happens by chance and my meeting Taylor (and Corey) felt like a story straight from the stars.  I won’t bore you with the full story, but let’s just say we had a random chance encounter and two prayers were answered that day.  I have felt so lucky to meet Taylor and Corey and was honored when they chose me to capture their big day.  I have been so eager and excited to share these images with the newlyweds and am excited to highlight them on the blog today.  This is part one of the two part blog series (the second half will be posted next week).  This first half highlights the getting ready and pre-ceremony activities of the day.  Taylor did a beautiful job helping her bridesmaids find coordinating dresses within her desired color scheme.  They all looked so stunning!  And check out Taylor’s shoes!  Bling bling 😉  I also have to mention that there where some issues when her dress arrived and Taylor’s amazingly talented mother was able to basically take the dress apart and re-sew the entire thing perfectly customized to Taylor’s petite frame.  I wish I had that talent!  Well, enjoy the first part of their beautiful wedding day.

jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_002 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_003 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_004 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_005 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_006 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_007 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_008 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_009 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_010 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_011 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_012 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_013 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_014 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_015 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_016 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_017 jess_regan_photography_orlando_portrait_photographer_marnik_wedding_018

Portrait Photographer // Alexa’s Senior Portraits

Orlando Senior Portrait Photographer

Alexa proved that there is not a wrong time during your Senior year to get your Senior Portraits taken.  She contacted me only a few days before her high school graduation in order to capture this fleeting time in her life…and I am so glad she did!  She is best friends with another one of my Senior girls, who actually joined Alexa for the second half of her session in order to get some great shots together before the two were separated for college.  The energy between the two was contagious and the smiles outpouring.  There is something so magical about the transition from high school to college and it is so neat to watch back and let these girls spread their wings.

Orlando Senior Portrait PhotographerOrlando Senior Portrait Photographer Orlando Senior Portrait Photographer jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_009 jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_010jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_003 jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_004 jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_005 jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_006 jess_regan_photography_orlando_senior_portrait_photographer_alexa_012

Alexa wore one of the cutest Lily Pulitzer dresses, so we just had to do a little series of her in it.  Here is a 9 frame of Alexa.



Portrait Photographer // Olivia’s Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Photographer Orlando

I keep bragging on my amazing Seniors and Olivia deserves no less.  She is amazingly talented and beautiful, both inside and out.  I have enjoyed getting to know her as well as her entire family through the whole process.  I’ve learned a lot about Olivia including that she is passionate and driven.  She has an extraordinary voice and is very involved in her church.  She herself is an artist and she herself loves photography.  Olivia works on capturing her own beautiful images, often of her younger sister.  Olivia will be staying in Central  Florida for college, which I am sure her family is thrilled about, but also excites me as I am eager to offer her opportunities to apprentice with me so that she is able to further develop her own photographic skills.  Congratulations on the recent graduation Ms. Olivia.  I look forward to hopefully seeing you this week when I deliver your beautiful folio box and canvases.

Senior Portrait Photographer Orlando

Senior Portrait Photographer Orlando

Senior Portrait Photographer Orlando

Senior Portrait Photographer Orlando




Orlando Makeup Artist // Portrait Photographer: Should I Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for my Session?


To be honest, this is a personal decision.  Some people are extremely talented with makeup and do an excellent job of doing their own makeup for a session.  But, on average most people don’t feel hundred percent confident with the type of makeup or the technique that should be applied for a photo session.

The benefits of hiring a professional are numerous. The first plus is that you do not have to stress over doing your own.  When hiring a professional makeup artist, your makeup will be applied directly before your session leaving you fresh and camera ready.

Secondly, a professional makeup artist uses products that are camera ready. There are many products out there that have illuminators that actually reflect light back into the camera and can make you look whiter or off-color. Additionally, the make up artist is trained in technique to contour and highlight areas of your face to make you look your best.

A third advantage that comes with hiring a professional makeup artist is with the makeup application your MUA will also be able to enhance features that are important for a good image such as playing up a person’s eyes and using false eyelashes on women to enhance their natural lash.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with not hiring a makeup artist, it is just the difference between purchasing the standard model of car versus the luxury model.  And if you aren’t someone who feels comfortable applying your own makeup or if you do know typically wear makeup it can be what takes a good image and makes a great.

Overall, hiring a professional makeup artist can increases confidence, decreases stress, and provide an enjoyable experience for all.

So while it is not mandatory and it is certainly a personal choice, I always recommend getting your makeup done as part of your investment.  As a certified makeup artist, I include makeup application in all of my High School Senior and Beauty Portrait Experiences, but all clients are able to add on makeup to any of the sessions I offer.

I am also available for private events or for portrait sessions with other photographers.

Orlando Life Coach // Time to De-clutter and De-stress


I have had an interesting few weeks.  I am typically a fairly organized person and can keep the many balls that I am juggling in the air.  This said, in the last month I seem to have dropped ball after ball – often hitting me directly on the head.

It has been one of those months where I find myself standing in the sun squinting despite having sunglasses sitting right on top of my head.  Or desperately trying to race out of the house and while frantically telling the person I’m on the phone with that I can’t leave because I can’t find my cell phone anywhere, despite it being right in my hand.

The answers to my problems seem to be too often right in front of my face, but I can’t seem to slow down enough to see them.

In the past month alone I have lost my credit card (at a gas station), lost my child at Ikea (only for about 2 minutes – despite it feeling like 20 – as he was simply standing behind a pole blocking him from my vision), lost my wallet at ikea that same day, lost my dog and my wallet again – on the same night, and then lost my cell phone (dropped it while passing out flyers in the neighborhood right before a terrible rainstorm), and once again I lost my kids (this time both of them – who wandered off hand in hand at Walmart while I looked down for merely a moment to compare the prices of cheese!).

I feel that in miraculous form each one of these items have been returned to me with only a few minutes or days of worry in each case.  My credit card had been turned in at the gas station, a woman saw my child behind the pole, the attendant at the childcare station saw my wallet and put it aside for me, my dog wandered back to our yard after a few hours, my friend found my wallet jimmied under her car seat, and after almost a week a neighbor found my cell phone in his front yard while mowing the grass and 3 days in a rice bag brought it back to life.

Each scenario has tested my patience and my spirit, but with each loss and return it has been a hard smack in my face reminding me that I need to slow down and be more aware of my surroundings and my actions.  Life is whizzing by and I (along with my kids, wallet, credit card, dog, and phone) are getting lost in the process.

As May comes to a close and we approach summer, I am re-focusing on de-cluttering my life and my house, getting a better night’s sleep, de-stressing through positive channels such as yoga, running, and other forms of physical activity, and having better preparation for the day and week ahead.

Sometimes it is hard to realize how fast we are going and that if we continue at this pace we are simply going to end up derailed.  It’s time for me to slow down a bit and find a pace that works better for myself and my family.  I look forward to sharing this process as I go.