For the past 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with the fantastic team at Cramer and Rauchegger, Inc.  Traditionally, I worked with them to cover company events that they would host, but more recently I was hired to capture individual headshots of team members, a group shot, and interior and exterior photographs of their beautiful office.  It is always an honor to be able to capture such important images and it was even more fun to work this group as it feels like visiting family.  To learn more about the financial firm and their awesome team, check out their website:

jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_001jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_004 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_003 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_002

jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_009 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_008 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_007 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_cramer_rauchegger_006