I always enjoy working with new firms and offices.  It is awesome to watch the dynamics of a team.  The group of indivduals at Ruggiero, Martinez and Norton where such a wonderful group full of great energy!  We were able to capture headshots for each individual as well as a group shot to update their website.  Want to learn more about their organization and their fantastic team, check out their website at http://www.rmncpas.com/meet-our-team.php.

jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_rmncpa_001 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_rmncpa_002 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_rmncpa_003 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_rmncpa_004 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_rmncpa_005 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_rmncpa_006