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Today’s post is in celebration of the recent nuptials between Ryan and Kathy.  I have known Kathy for about a decade now, so I was honored when she asked me to be her photographer.  When she hired me, I asked her a few questions about her and Ryan’s relationship – the first being how did they meet.  So today I will share that with you.

“Ryan and I had english together at Valencia our freshman year of college. We sat next to each other and Ryan always asked me questions, or copied my notes. I didn’t think anything of it but I knew he smelled good and always wore a dirty hat with duct tape around the bill.  Our next semester we  had another class together, history. We met eyes the first couple of classes and then Ryan started to sit behind me in class and would dress nicer.  We started to talk after class and eat lunch together.  He finally asked me for my number and we would meet up to study and hang out.  We both had plans to move to Tallahassee after our first year of college, which was not planned.  We hung out a lot our second semester at Valencia, but never made it official.  We moved to Tally in the Summer and would randomly hang out at parties, or each other’s house. Finally in Spring we made it official.  We dated for 2 1/2 years in college. After we broke up, we went on with our lives but always had each other on our minds.  We had our own separate lives for about 5 years and reconnected in 2009. We couldn’t be happier that we did because the time apart we grew more mature and loving towards each other. We have been through so much, but happy we will spend our life together.”

It’s so amazing to think back to those first few moments when you meet the one you are going to marry and to watch that story unfold.  I mean really, there’s nothing better than a good love story ; )

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