jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_006 Look at this little blue eyed blonde hair little angel I had the joy of working with!  Blake is one of the happiest one year olds that I have ever met.  He was so engaged and interested in everything that was going on throughout the whole session and did not fuss once during the many outfit changes.  It was amazing how many different outfits that we were able to capture in such a short amount of time due to his awesome cooperation!  Mom and dad were on good behavior too of course!  There was a complete game day attitude with this football loving crew.  I mean, how cute are these matching jerseys?!?!  And each one has their last name on the back!  Too cute.  It was such a pleasure to be able to work with all three to capture Blake’s one year old portraits along with their family portraits too. 🙂 jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_009jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_001 jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_002jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_005jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_004jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_008jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_007