Beauty Session: Diane

Working with your mother in your professional realm is not always an experience we get to enjoy, but recently my mother asked I would be open to taking her portraits.  We decided on a Simple Session (only 30 minutes!) with hair and makeup.  I loved the experience of capturing the beauty of my mother in camera that she exudes in person.  My mother is one of the most wonderful women I know and it was beyond an honor to work with her.  We had such a great time together too!  Doesn’t she look simply stunning!

jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_008 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_007 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_006 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_005 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_004 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_003 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_002 jess_regan_photography_orlando_simple_session_diane_beauty_makeup_001

Headshot Session: Kristin C

In my line of work I get to work with a myriad of professionals.  It is such a benefit to be able to speak with such talented individuals.  Kristin is a true example of the talent I get to work with.  She is an author, a lecturer, and a professor.  It was important to her to have headshot portraits that truly reflected the lightness of her spirit.  We had a lot of fun working together and were able to capture exactly what she was looking for.

jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_session_kristin_congdon_003 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_session_kristin_congdon_001 jess_regan_photography_orlando_headshot_session_kristin_congdon_002

Portrait Photographer // Blake is One

jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_006 Look at this little blue eyed blonde hair little angel I had the joy of working with!  Blake is one of the happiest one year olds that I have ever met.  He was so engaged and interested in everything that was going on throughout the whole session and did not fuss once during the many outfit changes.  It was amazing how many different outfits that we were able to capture in such a short amount of time due to his awesome cooperation!  Mom and dad were on good behavior too of course!  There was a complete game day attitude with this football loving crew.  I mean, how cute are these matching jerseys?!?!  And each one has their last name on the back!  Too cute.  It was such a pleasure to be able to work with all three to capture Blake’s one year old portraits along with their family portraits too. 🙂 jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_009jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_001 jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_002jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_005jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_004jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_008jess_regan_photography_family_session_glus_007

Portrait Photographer // Engagement Session


Winter Park boasts some beautiful scenery and here in the gardens of a local park I had the privilege to capture Cindy and Keith’s engagement session.  The luscious green atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the couple and despite the constant threat of rain it turned out to be a quiet, serene, and dry evening.  Getting to know Cindy and Keith was such a treat.  Watching them interact during the session, there was no doubt in my mind of the love and admiration between the two.  As recent transplants to the Central Florida area, Cindy and Keith are eager and excited about starting this next chapter in their lives.  Congratulations to the pair on their recent nuptials!  Wishing you the best life has to offer 🙂







A Continual Evolution

One thing that is always certain in life is change and with this past summer came a lot of change, both personally and professionally.  It seems that whenever the ground starts to settle and I believe that I have found my footing, the earth starts trembling again.  But with each tremble I have learned to stop standing still and to simply dance when the ground shakes.

The most recent changes that have occurred for me were triggered by variables outside of my control.  When I tried to manipulate these variables to work in the current situation I seemed to be working against the grain and found myself exhausted and unhappy.  So I took some time away to reflect.  With the help of my family we made some changes to the business that feel more conducive with where we are at in this stage of life and how we can thrive as a family and not just as a business.

So what does this mean?  After two and half years of working in a studio space I have closed the doors to my location and made the decision to go back to shooting on location.  On-location simply means that I shoot at various locations around the Orlando area including parks, fields, client homes, architectural structures, and various urban settings.  The location chosen depends on the look and feel that each unique client is looking to achieve in their portraits.  As fun as it was to have a place of my own, it felt like the studio was limiting me more than it was helping me.    With location shoots, the world is our oyster and being able to bring my studio backdrops to clients’ homes and offices allows me to achieve the studio look as well.

With this big change came other changes to the business as well.  I have reformatted my business model to offer three types of sessions at more affordable prices and have opened my range of sessions to include family sessions, children, teens and ‘tweens, along with my traditional headshots, high school senior sessions and lifestyle headshots.  Each session comes with a certain amount of digital images and add-on images are offered as well.  In order to keep the process simplified I will no longer be offering products, but instead will be guiding my clients to the best options available for consumers today.  As the market is changing clients are able to purchase so many amazing products on their own, so by cutting out the middle man (me) I am able to save both time and money for the client.

I am so thankful for the amazing clients that I have had the pleasure to work with so far.  It is with their support and feedback that I have been able to grow as a business and as an individual.  I look forward to all the new faces that I will be able to capture this year.

Feel free to check out the website for more details…but here is a little snapshot of the new site!